Friends on the Sea Wall

Taken in St Andrews Fife

I haven’t seen the sea for over a year. Living in Killin, I am close to several lochs and rivers, but there is something special about the sea. For me, it’s a feeling that wraps around my ribs like a hug. It’s that feeling of wonder, the mystery of nature and the universe. The sea is a place for contemplation, for stillness and a place to feel whole.

I love this photograph , I snapped it while walking on the beach at St Andrews. The photo is of some teenagers huddled together on the sea wall. I couldn’t hear their conversation but I noticed the long pauses where they all looked out into the endless grey water. Perhaps they were thinking about their studies or their future, perhaps they were lost for a moment in a memory. I like to think they were contemplating their place in the world, their responsibility to the earth and her future


Write a story with two characters, each going through individual difficulties in their lives. The characters should not talk out loud to one another, but sit together on a sea wall watching the sea. The story should record their thoughts, perhaps scattered like a stream of consciousness, or like an internal conversation or monologue. Notice the difference between the characters voices. Did the sea calm them or increase the storm within?

Author: EilidhGClark

Hi, I'm Eilidh and I live in the wee village of Killin in the Scottish Highlands. I'm 48 years old and live with my wife-to-be and our two dogs.

5 thoughts on “Friends on the Sea Wall”

    1. I have to agree. I am ten minutes away from The Falls of Dochart’s cascading waterfalls, and two minutes from the river. It’s a short walk to Loch Tay, but we are a fair wee drive from the sea. I was to visit the Outer Hebrides for my 50th if the world has recovered a bit (2022).

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  1. Oh, this brings back many memories as I walked the wall lots of times whilst studing at the University of St. Andrews. On Sundays after chapel the students walk along it, dressed up in their red gowns (often over thick winter coats!). I bet the students are discussing the best cafe to visit – McGreggor’s on Market Street was usually the winner with ginormous scones and soup bowl size hot chocolate mugs! Blessed memories and thank you for helping me revisit these today.

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