Taken on a dreich morning in Stirling

Have you ever stepped outside into a cold morning to find that your garden has been spun into a new world of silver threads and pearl droplets? Think about how hard those tiny spiders have worked to create this masterpiece. Look at the photograph above and imagine only one strand of the web. Now imagine that single strand is the first draft of your novel, short story, poem or whichever creative masterpiece you have just finished writing. Now it’s time to build your web. Editing is the job of going around and around, reworking, re-writing, correcting, enhancing, adding and subtracting, developing and enriching. It’s like building a spider’s world. 

Author: EilidhGClark

Hi, I'm Eilidh and I live in the wee village of Killin in the Scottish Highlands. I'm 48 years old and live with my wife-to-be and our two dogs.

6 thoughts on “Web”

      1. When on holiday in Sweden, on the land around the forest we experience the most magical morning spider webs, sparkling with dew! It is a wonder! Yeah, how wonderful that you enjoy editing and it’s great hear such a positive feeling towards this task!

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      2. I’m assuming then that you don’t enjoy editing ? Its certainly a process . I’ve about three chapter of a novel left to write and I’m already itching to edit. First I need to actually finish the thing and stop procrastinating. Nice to meet you Annika, thanks for commenting

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