Tree Climber

Can you see the climber? I took this photograph in Bannockburn in Stirling.

Did you climb trees when you were a child? Perhaps you lived in the city and liked to climb drain pipes, lampposts or onto roofs. It goes without saying that human beings like to climb, to look down at the world below and see it from a new perspective. Perhaps we want a broader view of the world, perhaps we want to separate ourselves from our fellow creatures, or perhaps we enjoy the challenge of the climb itself.


Write a childhood memory about climbing. What were you climbing? How high, wide, difficult was it? Why were you climbing? What did it feel like to climb and to reach the top? Where you climbing for a thrill or to get away from something or someone? What did you see, hear, smell, feel?

Happy writing folks

Author: EilidhGClark

Hi, I'm Eilidh and I live in the wee village of Killin in the Scottish Highlands. I'm 48 years old and live with my wife-to-be and our two dogs.

10 thoughts on “Tree Climber”

  1. I see the climber, nature is an amazing artist. I used to climb huge hills to go sledding in the snow, just to fly down and climb up again and again


      1. Not very tall, but sloping with many branches. Our summer vacations were in May and June and there were mangoes to pluck 😊. They were fresh and tasty. A variety of small mangoes are called Wolff mangoes. They cannot be sliced because they have a lot of fibre in them. We have to suck the pulp by making a small opening in one end. I remember an aunt falling from another tree and fracturing her arm.

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  2. I was a prolific tree climber as a child. I spent so much time high up in my parents fruit trees. And now I’m a prolific tree hugger!
    Yes, I can see the tree climber in this photo. Isn’t nature amazing.


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